Many people just want a price quote and nothing more.  I believe it’s important that we discuss your event and what I can do for you before you make your decision.  Call 419-522-9013 for a consultation.  Or email

Before contacting us, check your date on our availability calendar on the right side of this page.

If your date is open, it will show up as white.  (See instructions below)

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All dates in GOLD simply mean that someone has recently requested information about that date, but has NOT booked yet.  In that case, we ask that you email us at the link above to inquire about the status of your date.  You may still be able to book us!

If it’s an open date, follow the 3 simple instructions below.

1. Click your requested date
2. Fill out the needed information in the form below the calendar
3. Click the “send” button and wait for our response! 

It’s just that easy!


We look forward to making your event everything you’ve imagined, and more.  Contact us today.  Phone: 419-522-9013

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